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(Republic Act No. 2650)





Be it enacted by the Senate and House of the Representatives of the Philippines in a congress assembled:

SECTION 1. The municipal districts of Prosperidad, Sianib, Sta. Irene, San Salvador, New Maug, Salimbogaon, Bahbah, Azpetia, Los Arcos, Aurora, Mapaga, La Caridad and Anibongan in the Provincial Sub Division of Gibong, Province of Agusan del Sur, are separated from said provincial sub-division and constituted into a district and independent municipality to be known as the Municipality of Prosperidad, same province. The seat of Government of the new municipality shall be in the present site of the Municipal District of Properidad.

SECTION 2. The First mayor, vice-mayor, and councilors of the new municipality shall be appointed by the President, with the consent of the Commission on Appointments and shall hold office until their successors shall have been elected in the next general elections for local officials and shall have qualified.

SECTION 3. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved, June 18, 1960.



Creation of Prosperidad

According to the research, prior to the Spanish occupation, there was already a Manobo settlement known to the natives as Culilay at the junction of Sianib River and Gibong River. When Spanish Missionaries came they renamed the place into San Juan which was later changed to Las Navas.

After the regime of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in 1902-1920, American Military Government was established. Agusan along with Palawan, Mindoro, and Nueva Vizcaya was made special province, because majority of its populations were non-Christians & these provinces were headed by Military Governors. Agusan was subdivided with rivers serving as the primary land marks, such as Provincial subdivision of Simulao. Bunawan, Umayao; subdivision of Loreto, Wawa; subdivision of Ohot, Esperanza, Gibong River to Sulibao, (mouth of Agusan River) & nearby settler now Rosario and San Francisco.

Provincial subdivision of Gibong was composed of 13 municipal districts which are known today as Barangays. These are municipal district of Prosperidad (now Brgy. La Suerte and Las Navas), Sianib, Sta. Irene, San Salvador, Maug, Salimbogaon, Bahbah (now Poblacion of  Prosperidad), Azpetia, Los Arcos, Aurora, Mapaga, La Caridad, and Anibongan (now San Vicente R.A. 2650).

Mc  Cholluch was the first American appointed Deputy Military Governor of Gibong subdivision  in 1902. It was in the name of Municipal District of Prosperidad before (now Las Suerte and Las Navas) where the name Brgy. Poblacion now in “Prosperidad” originated.  Some of our ancestors said that such name which often referred to as a place with rapid prosperity must have come from the succeeding deputy military Governors Francisco Cataylo, Escolastico Zapanta & Bienvinido Blanco during the restoration of the Civil Government.

As related by Victor Mondejar, during the Civil Government Agapito Mira served as the Deputy Governor during 1934-1946. He was succeeded later by Juan Maestrado , Vicente Gabor, Florencio Inchoco, Damiano Villalba, Saturnino Curato & Ramon Burdeos.

In November 15, 1935 when President Manuel L. Quezon assumed Commonwealth Presidency, Silver Osin was the Deputy Governor of Gibong Division until the war.

After the war, during the presidency of Sergio Osmeña, Casiano Angchangco became the Deputy Governor of Gibong followed by Faustino until 1948.

Sometime in 1952 (during the Presidency of Elpedio Quirino, Victor Mondejar was appointed as the last Deputy Governor of Gibong until the period of Pres. Ramon Magsaysay, to whom he recommended the construction of Agusan-Davao & Awa-Los Arcos road.

President Garcia appointed Gresimo Ostos as the first Municipal Mayor until Garcia’s term ended in 1961. Vicente Morales succeeded Ostos thru an appointment issued by Pres. Diosdado Macapagal until before 1963 election periods ends. He was replaced by Jose Aquino then followed by his brother Joaquin Aquino who became the first elected Municipal Mayor of Prosperidad. His SB members Damaso Corton, Ben Magdamit, Florencio Barrios, Teodoro Alvizo, Anselmo Fundar & Anastacio Rivas.

During the period of Pres. Macapagal, by virtue of E.O. NO. 125 dated October 23, 1964, the seat of Municipal Government of Prosperidad was transferred from Prosperidad proper (now Las Navas & La Suerte) to Brgy. Bahbah (recently known as Poblacion). It was also during Aquino’s term that the Municipal Building, Old Public Market, & the PNC (now PNU) were established.

          After two years of Marcos regime, R.A. 4969 dated June 17, 1967 was passed dividing the province of Agusan into two Provinces, Agusan del Sur & Agusan del Norte with the Municipality of Prosperidad as the capital town of Agusan del Sur.

Additional Territory was added to Prosperidad by virtue of Prosperidad Decree No. 108 transferring Brgy.  Patin-ay of San Francisco to become part of Prosperidad.

Aquino’s term lasted for about 17 years but in the early part of 1980, an election was held making Anselmo Fundar as the second elected Municipal Mayor with Anastacio Rivas as the Vice Mayor. However, Fundar’s term of office was cut off in 1982 due to his death from accident, by operation of law; Vice Mayor Rivas assumed into office & exercised the unexpected term of Mayor Fundar.

When Marcos regime ended, prior to civil military (EDSA) Revolution in February 26, 1986, newly installed Pres. Corazon Aquino appointed Demetrio Tecson as OIC & later won as Mayor in 1987 Election.

       In 1992, Antonio Maturan won the election & made massive constructions of various projects. He was reelected & made grand slam for serving the Municipality for three terms.

Recently, Prosperidad is under the leadership of Hon. Nestor L. Corvera formerly the Vice Mayor of Hon. Antonio Maturan with the full support from the constituents he was able to launch various projects & different programs for the betterment of Prosperidadnons. Like Mayor Maturan, he too made a grand slam & now on his third term as the Municipal Mayor of Prosperidad.

The present leadership of the Municipality of Prosperidad is determined to transform the municipality from 1st class to an agricultural city for the next ten (10) years. These goals can be achieved by enhancing the economic based of the municipality such as agriculture, commerce, trade and industry, tourism related activities, fiscal reforms and improving the economic enterprise of the municipality to generate more revenue thereby providing better and quality services to its constituents.

The Elected and Appointed Municipal Mayors of Prosperidad from 1960 to Present





Hon. Grecimo Ostos



Hon. Vicente Morales



Hon. Jose Aquino



Hon. Joaquin Aquino


Elected Mayor

Hon. Arsenio L. Fundar


Elected Mayor

Hon. Anastacio S. Rivas Sr.


Elected Mayor

Hon. Demetrio Tecson


Elected Mayor

Hon. Antonio B. Maturan


Elected Mayor

Hon. Nestor L. Corvera

2000 -2010

Elected Mayor

Hon. Albin D. Magdamit

2010 – present

Elected Mayor